Amazon is great. You may stock up on toothpaste, Swiffer refills, cereal, and diapers. For a great deal, add some new seasonal furnishings or apparel to your shopping. Pre-order new products, shop for gifts, and even learn about cutting-edge technology! Amazon carries everything from socks to camping supplies, sweets to auto parts. Yet occasionally I come upon the wackiest, oddest, greatest things that really stick out. These are some amusing items I discovered this week:

Sunny the Blobfish: It’s squishy and … adorable??
Find the Farter Book: Find who cut the cheese, as you do with all book, right?
Sad Frog Tissue Holder: Now you can get even more sympathy when you’re sick – from this frog!
Poop Like a Champion Cereal: This super high fiber cereal will help you poop! Plus, they have tons of other awesome poop-inducing products.
Phone Umbrella: Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like.