Free US State Travel Guides & Maps For Every State

Some of my first freebies growing up included a Texas State Travel Guide, which is still one of my favorite freebies. I thought it would be fun to put together a list of all of the Free Travel Guides and Maps for each US state for anyone else that is interested!  The links below will take you to online order forms for each state to receive a free official state travel guide, highway map, special brochure or vacation planning kit.

To order, you just click on the state you would like and then on the form that appears you will enter your name and address. Some offer physical brochures only and some offer a digital option.

To read the Free Travel Guide for that state, click on the one you are interested in:


Whether you’re organizing a family beach vacation or a golf weekend, our Alabama Vacation & Events Guide and other pamphlets can assist you in selecting the ideal combination of sights, activities, and lodging.


Alaska’s changing natural beauty is more than simply a tourist attraction. You bring it with you when you go home. Get page after page of ideas for your planning in a FREE Official State of Alaska Vacation Guide. Make your trip all you’ve always wanted it to be, from hiking to hot springs, canoeing to cruises.


A full-sized map of Arizona and the official state travel guide are included in the complimentary trip packet.


Arkansas is among the most picturesque tourist spots in mid-America. Choose the publications you would want to receive to seek travel planning information.


Get a complimentary copy of the 2022 California Visitor’s Guide, which offers information on hundreds of undiscovered attractions, remarkable events, and more.


The official state vacation book, available for free at a value of $7.99 and filled with itinerary suggestions, gorgeous pictures, and other travel inspiration, makes organizing your Colorado vacation even simpler.


They offer a ton of excellent materials on their travel website, but it appears that they have temporarily stopped publishing print guides.


When you get a Delaware Discovery Guide, many options will be delivered right to your home. Every page turn reveals more of Delaware’s attractions, restaurants, and lodging options.


Make the most of these digital travel guides to Florida while organizing your vacation to the Sunshine State. Find out all you need to plan your Florida trip, including activities, attractions, lodging, dining options, and transportation.


The state’s official Travel Guide is your complete resource to planning a vacation in Georgia. Find trip ideas, attractions, dining, events, activities, accommodations, map travel resources and much more.


Dramatic topography, heart-pounding surf, and impromptu friendly energy blend with serene sun-swept sands, breathtaking sunsets, and warm moonlight breezes. You are traveling to the state of Aloha.


Discover Idaho with the Official Idaho Travel Guide, which is brimming with details for anybody seeking an exciting outdoor experience, a laid-back weekend, picturesque highways, delectable local cuisine, or inspiration for future travels.


This biannual magazine examines all corners of Illinois and offers surprising ways to enjoy the state. A variety of travel-related articles, gorgeous photos, and seasonally-appropriate itinerary ideas are included in every issue.


This list is filled with travel inspiration, ranging from romantic retreats and family road trips to outdoor experiences and girlfriend getaways. Locate deals on lodging and activities. Arrives brimming with travel inspiration. Get deals on lodging, activities, and other places you should visit.


The official tourist website for the Hawkeye State of Iowa is called Travel Iowa. Discover the top attractions in Iowa, a travel guide, and a map of tourism.


Here is the ideal site for you to choose a fantastic road trip destination in Kansas! We can handle trips of any length, whether they are business related, leisure trips, or whole vacations!


Plan your trip to Kentucky now by ordering the 2022 Kentucky Inspiration Guide by mail, sent right to your home, or by using the interactive, free online version of the guide.


Allow Louisiana’s boundless beauty to uplift and nourish your spirit.


These 180 pages probably will tell you what to see and do in Maine, but feel free to make up your own itinerary! Make an unexpected left turn here and you’ll find something you never would have imagined. That is Maine’s unique charm.


There are a ton of guides available here. itineraries to scenic byways, tourist destinations with an African-American heritage, golf courses, the Chesapeake Bay, and more.


It might be intimidating to visit a new location sometimes. Where ought you to go? All around! How ought one to proceed? Everything! If you would want to focus a bit more, our travel guide includes several must-see attractions in each Massachusetts area, a highway map, and some really lovely pictures.


The 2022 Pure Michigan Spring/Summer Travel Guide offers breathtaking views, fascinating destinations, and enjoyable summertime activities for both locals and tourists.


Get free travel guides to help you plan your trip to Minnesota and make vacation decisions. A map of the Minnesota highways is also available!


Explore the cool blues, soulful food, vibrant beaches, rich history, distinctive shops, kind greetings, and more on Mississippi’s back roads.


Get your Official Missouri Travel Guide 2022 now and start organizing your fishing excursion, beer crawl, or Gateway Arch visit!


A map of Glacier National Park and Surrounding Area or a 2022 Vacation package are your options.


We in Nebraska think that uninteresting folks don’t become bored. Thus, we create our own entertainment. Similar to the realization that a livestock tank may float. But that’s only one of the things we do. See all of these other really interesting things to do in Nebraska.


Read about everything there is to explore in this wild, wonderful state when you sign up for the free Nevada Magazine & Visitor Guide. Packed with out-of-this-world photography and stories about Nevada’s incredible people and places, this is the go-to travel guide for those who are born to roam.

New Hampshire

This full-color book will show you all the special places in New Hampshire as well as ten must-see attractions!

New Jersey

Accommodations, attractions, beaches, history, outdoor activities, shopping, and much more are included in this full-color book!

New Mexico

Organizing a remarkable trip to New Mexico is simple when you use the Adventure Guide.

New York

You can get the official I LOVE NY Travel Guide here. Get ideas for your upcoming vacation to New York State by downloading it right away. It includes everything from top-notch beaches and thrilling outdoor activities to delectable dining options and quaint hotel retreats.

North Carolina

Get your free travel guide, highway map, or recommendations to Civil War paths, vineyards, and sites that are accessible to those with disabilities.

North Dakota

There’s a lot going on in our state; events, inventions, and landscapes that will astonish, captivate, and motivate you to pursue your curiosity rather than the herd.


There are many free brochures available in Oklahoma, so you may get information about the entire state or just the places you want to visit. Order your brochures from this website, and they will be shipped to you at no cost.


Using the FREE publications from Ohio is the best approach to begin organizing your next trip or holiday in Ohio.


Get the inside word on the people, places, and events of Oregon with the help of free travel guides. You may download Travel Oregon magazines online or have them delivered straight to your mailbox by signing up. When the time is right, we hope you are motivated to explore Oregon, and we’ll be here to help.


Planning future trip is a simple deed that brings enjoyment. Let us help you make plans for your future well-being in Pennsylvania. The 2022 Happy Traveler Guide provides fantastic vacation ideas, kid-friendly activities, and places that are not to be missed.


It is a current event in Rhode Island. There is definitely something for everyone, from hiking, biking, and climbing to beaches, boats, art, history, and cuisine. We have all of the excitement, wealth, culture, and creative spirit of a large metropolis combined with a hip, carefree seaside atmosphere and a hint of old, historic New England charm.


Get a free copy of the 2022 Vacation Guide and start creating your own South Carolina itinerary by downloading one of the many fantastic South Carolina maps.

South Dakota

The Highway Map and Vacation Guide for South Dakota may be ordered or downloaded. The winter, motorbike, hunting, and fishing packets are now available for addition!


All the information you want to organize a vacation to Tennessee is available in one location. Find out the most recent information on all of the state’s musical events and attractions. Get your own paper tour or e-guide to learn about the top travel destinations, fresh dining options, and more.


Find activities to do, places to see, and more. After that, bring your travel guide so you may utilize it while you’re in Texas. The Texas Department of Transportation is responsible for creating the Travel Texas Guide. This nearly 150-page trip guide is fantastic!


Discover all of the national parks, mountain regions, ski areas, lakes, and more by grabbing your trip guide now! Be the most of your time in Utah.


It’s best to slow down, scan our surroundings, and just be aware of life. There are many of chances to explore new things or relax and rejuvenate when traveling, whether you are going with loved ones or by yourself. In Vermont, you may have as scheduled or unplanned a day as you’d want. This is where inspiration begins.


The 2022 Virginia Travel Guide is a compilation of personal suggestions and emotional tales from gifted authors, ardent travelers, and local enthusiasts that emphasize unexpected discoveries and exciting adventures. Discover the insider’s viewpoint on locations worth traveling, draw inspiration from forward-thinking residents, or use our interactive quiz to discover the ideal event.

State of Washington

Begin arranging an amazing journey right now.The Washington Hospitality Association and State of Washington Tourism publish the Washington State Visitors’ Guide.

Washington, DC

The twice-yearly guide offers all the information you need to organize your next visit to the country’s capital, including details on neighborhoods, hotels, restaurants, sights, excursions, and free things to do.


Wisconsin’s thrilling outdoor experiences, lively festivals, and artisan culture create lifelong memories for family and friends. Find motivation and ideas for your next journey.

West Virginia

World-class outdoor experiences, unknown hidden gems, and vibrant little communities may all be found in the Mountain State. Let rural roads in West Virginia take you far away from it all. and a little bit nearer to paradise. Please remain for a bit.

The Wyoming

In the final stronghold of the West, Wyoming welcomes fearless, self-reliant, and inquisitive individuals to carve out their own paths to both great and little adventures. Travel the Cowboy State and discover breweries, museums, state parks, rodeos, national treasures, and more. Visit Wyoming to see for yourself the majesty of our landscape and rich cultural heritage.